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Arctic Death Thrash hailing from Gothenburg
Est. 2010

Dienamic - Live music performance & Merchandise sale



February 6, 2016

Dienamic has a open spot in the line-up. We’re searching for a drummer. You should be between 23-30 years old. You should know that you can play our music, you can find us on Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud etc.

We have moved our headquarters from Tromsø, Norway to Gothenburg to be closer to the world and be part of a bigger metal community.
You should be able to pay for everything that we do(recording, touring etc), so a steady income is preferred.

If you are interested, we can meet and grab a coffee or beer and discuss everything.

Everybody is looking forward to meeting you.

We have secured our own studio and office.

Top qua...

January 7, 2016

Dienamic Goes Sweden

Hi guys, I’m back again!
This time we’re not on tour, but still on the move.
Currently seated on a train in Kiruna as we wait for it to start moving on over to Boden.
From there on it will be beer, whisky and the night train on over towards Gothenburg!
I am part of the advance scouting troop for the Dienamic invasion, with me I have the elite social soldier Gus ´the King of Swedenª Lindquist,
We were pretty damn stoked before we left Troms¯ at 06:10 this morning, at this point we’re both just a little bit tired from lack of sleep and nutrition.
I think we will survive just fine however, es...

October 14, 2015

Afterlife Japan Tour
Day 0

Oh shit!
It’s that time again!

Apologies for the long silence from camp Dienamic, we’ve been busy and I have been lazy.
So I take the full blame for the lack of updates on our activities, well in the form of this blog atleast.
I’m not much of a social media guy..

Enough with the shitty excuses and sorrys.
We’re back!
Well, we never left but we’re about to head back out on the road.
This time we’re going to Japan!
Second time for the band itself, but the first time for me.
So it is going to be one exciting trip for sure!
I have always enjoyed the Japanese culture, well the older parts of i...

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